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11 hours ago
senior year

Tonight’s Agenda.

• finish laundry
• shower
• figure out tmrw’s plans
• and tomorrow’s outfit
• paint nails
• read magazine
• sat or college essays/common app

11 hours ago
senior year

September 22.

Today was pretty decent. Ms.Hutchins sent me a really sweet e-mail saying that things would get better eventually.
I hope they do. :)
Only ran 2 miles today. Ugh I really need to step up tomorrow.

11 hours ago
senior year

Listen bitch.

We’ve run into problems before. And I thought we were cool now. But now I hear you talking shit again saying I’m annoying and etc. Okay that’s fine if you think that, to each their own ! But don’t fucking act like you like me and be friend when you think I’m annoying. Take your two faced ass and get the fuck away.

2 days ago

I just want to be happy again.

2 days ago

I’ve been so unhappy lately and I hate it.

2 days ago

Fuck this WHY ME.

4 days ago
senior year

I want to go to The Counter hecka bad !! It’s like a build your own burger place with all these nice things 😍 And they have a birthday cake milkshake 😭 I’m going this year for sure.

Bean bean the magical fruit ✨

5 days ago
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I need to accept things and move on.

5 days ago
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5 days ago
senior year

I want things to be okay so bad.
But I know they won’t. Because some of the problems I’m facing have solutions that aren’t in my control.

5 days ago
senior year

I just don’t understand.
I fucking talked to you in July.
And I told you to start saving. Anything and everything that you could.
And that’s not something you need to be told. You should have started saving the day I was fucking born.
I can’t even imagine what my mom is gonna do, too.
Do you guys think that I’m magically gonna get college paid off ?! With no help from either of you ?!
Fuck you.
Fuck you for being irresponsible.
And fuck you for not caring about.
I PROMISE that I will never let my kids feel this way.
Cause it sucks to have unreliable parents.

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Paramore: Misery Business

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misery business // paramore

Second chances they don’t ever matter, people never change. Once a w****, you’re nothing more, I’m sorry that’ll never change. & about forgiveness we’re both supposed to have exchanged, I’m sorry honey but I passed it up now look this way! Well there’s a million other girls who do it just like you, looking as innocent as possible to get to who they want & want they want, it’s easy if you do it rightwell I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!

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its fucked up when u grow up and realize everybody is on drugs..